Publikacja: Magnetic mediators for ultrasound theranostics

W prestiżowym czasopiśmie THERANOSTICS ( (IF=11.556, 98 percentile) ukazała się publikacja, której współautorami są Arkadiusz Józefczak i Rafał Bielas z Katedry Akustyki UAM.

A. Józefczak, K. Kaczmarek, R. Bielas, Magnetic mediators for ultrasound theranostics,Theranostics11(20) (2021) 10091-10113.


The theranostics paradigm is based on the concept of combining therapeutic and diagnostic modalities into one platform to improve the effectiveness of treatment. Combinations of multiple modalities provide numerous medical advantages and are enabled by nano- and micron-sized mediators. Here we review recent advancements in the field of ultrasound theranostics and the use of magnetic materials as mediators. Several subdisciplines are described in detail, including controlled drug delivery and release, ultrasound hyperthermia, magneto-ultrasonic  heating, sonodynamic therapy, magnetoacoustic imaging, ultrasonic wave generation by magnetic fields, and ultrasound tomography. The continuous progress and improvement in theranostic materials, methods, and physical computing models have created undeniable possibilities for the development of new approaches. We discuss the prospects of ultrasound theranostics and possible expansions of other studies to the theranostic context.

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